About us

ORPLANA - Organization of Cane Producers Associations in Brazil - was founded on June 29, 1976, with the purpose of organize the class of producers and increasing their representation in Brazil and abroad.

Our Mission is to ensure a secure and profitable future for sugarcane producers seeking excellence in agricultural production and coordination of the sugar-energy chain.

With headquarters in Ribeirão Preto / SP, it currently has 32 associations of sugarcane suppliers, of which 24 are in the state of São Paulo, 1 in Mato Grosso, 1 in Mato Grosso do Sul, 3 in Minas Gerais and 3 in Goiás. ORPLANA represents approximately 11,000 suppliers of sugarcane in the entire Central-South Region of Brazil.

From September of 2019, ORPLANA will have national coverage, assuming a strategic commitment to serve all Brazilian sugarcane producers.


Orplana Brasil

Our goals

We aim to support, reinforce and maintain the competitive advantages of independent sugarcane producers, maximizing their efficiency and profitability. To be a facilitator in the development of technical and strategic knowledge for the sugar-energy chain, assisting in effective decision-making. Develop a favorable external environment for sugar cane producers through institutional marketing in the sector and the defense of their rights. Contribute to maintaining the competitiveness of the sugar-energy sector in the long term. Increase the efficiency levels of the associations of sugarcane producers that are members of ORPLANA, maintaining the unity of the class.



Representativeness of producers along with cooperatives, plants, research centers, CONSECANA and other stakeholders for the sustainable development of the integrated sugarcane chain.


Dissemination of knowledge among Member Associations.


Dialogue with public and private sectors and society at the national and international levels.

Management 2022-2025


Gustavo Rattes de Castro


Bruno Rangel Geraldo Martins


Eduardo Vasconcellos Romão

Chief Executive Officer José Guilherme Ambrósio Nogueira jganogueira@orplana.com.br